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Google Assistant evolves at CES 2019 - Evolving Communications
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Google Assistant evolves at CES 2019

Google Home Hub

Google Assistant evolves at CES 2019

Google Assistant is evolving at CES 2019 or more the point – has evolved. There is a raft of new offerings as the search giant is keen to dominate the personal assistant space both with the devices like Google Hub and Google Home, as well as the app for your phone. Many well know brands will start integrating into the platform, as well, the company is opening up 3rd party development, which means anyone can develop for GA.

They have even created an ‘It’s a Small World’ style ride (a literal ride) at its booth. Have a look at the 360-degree marketing video for it:

Many of the new announcements pertain to getting more help at home when you say, “Hey Google…” Currently, more than 1,600 home-automation brands and more than 10,000 devices work with Google Assistant, but those numbers are just the beginning.

There’s a cute little alarm clock with Google Assistant, made by Lenovo. It’s essentially a tiny version of the Google Home Hub, which is perfect for the kitchen or the office. Gotta get me one of these! $79 USD

Lenovo Smart Clock

In the home, Google Assistant brings control to televisions, audio systems, and more forms of home entertainment. Later this year, Google Assistant will work with new TVs from Samsung. Leave your remote on the table and turn on the TV, switch between inputs, and change channels and control the volume with voice commands.

Other home appliances and automation brands due to join or expand their participation with Google Assistant include Whirlpool, Instant Pot, GE Appliance, August security products, and McAfee’s Secure Home Platform.

Google Maps now works with Google Assistant so you can navigate with voice only, replying to text messages, requesting music and podcasts, and letting your family friends know how far away you are.

Google Assistant is now compatible with messaging via SMS, WhatsApp, Messanger, Hangouts, Viber, Telegram, and Android Messages.

Probably the biggest news is Google’s new interpreter. Interpreter Mode will support dozens of languages, according to Google, so you can conduct conversations in real time with an interpreter on hand. The command will be, “Hey Google, be my French interpreter,” for example. You will hear translations on Google Home devices and see them in writing on smart displays. Google expects applications for Interpreter Model to expand quickly for many situations, especially when people are travelling.

So the Google Assistant announcements at CES 2019 has certainly opened up a raft of possibilities. It will certainly keep their competitors on their toes as this personal assistant space continues to evolve. Watch this space!

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