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How you can protect yourself from online data trackers
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How you can protect yourself from online data trackers

Personal Data Protection

How you can protect yourself from online data trackers

There has been plenty of discussions recently about protecting your personal data online. The ABC has published a comprehensive guide detailing how you can minimise your electronic data trail which is well worth the time to read. The take away from the article is to lock your devices down from probing eyes. Apps you install are normally the easiest way for unwanted eyes learning all about you, so when access is requested to photos, locations and contacts, say no.  The article can be found at ABC News.

Another article you may find interesting and on-topic is a story by Simon Elvery who took a look at how much data his devices sent while he was using them and not. 

When I decided to record every time my phone or laptop contacted a server on the internet, I knew I’d get a lot of data, but I honestly didn’t think it would reveal nearly 300,000 requests in a single week.

Simon’s article is an eye-opener. It’s part of the ABC  #DataLife Project and can be found on the ABC News site. It’s well worth following along, especially if protecting your personal data online is important to you. Let’s face it, once they know, they never forget.

Did you know that Google tracks you even when location services are off? While the Location History toggle won’t actually stop Google from tracking you, users can turn that off by disabling the “Web and App Activity” option (which is enabled by default). Turn it off, and Google won’t be able to store and track your Maps data and browser searches for location anymore.

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