Evolving Communications - a digital agency for business big and small.
Established in 1994 and based in Melbourne, we're specialist social media marketing and content creation company specialising in video content creation and digital marketing. We've made TV shows and build brands online. Experience delivers results. Social Media Marketing, Social Media Content, Corporate Video, Website development, Food Photography, Recipe Development, Food videography, and Post-production.
Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Video for online, Video for Facebook, Corporate Video, Food Photography, Recipe Development, Aerial Photography, CASA, Education, Social Media Education, Andrew McColm, Candice Smith, David Rose
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Being online is now so important to reach your customers.

Getting your business online isn’t as difficult as it once was. Building a shop in the virtual world can be just as rewarding, if not more rewarding than build the bricks and mortar shop you’re so proud of. Most of all, keeping people working is now so important. Not just for everyone’s financial well being but more for their overall health. We’re a small business just like yours. If nothing else, we’re here to talk. We can get you up and running and teach you the skills to add products. Consider it a push start of the old manual car just before you lift the clutch. More.

Evolving Communications
A digital agency with decades of marketing experience.

Established in 1994, and with over 34 years in broadcasting, we’ve made and are still making some of Australia’s favourite television shows. We are storytellers that create and publish content that engages and inspires people.

Based on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne’s picturesque and creative south, we travel the world with a team of talented, revered and experienced cinematographers and content creators. We’re much more than you think.

The way we do business has changed for everyone. Moving a business online can be challenging and those challenges are the same for large companies and small business. We can help.

Why choose Evolving Communications?

Established 1994

We've been around since 1994. Our first challenge - creating Australia's first lifestyle TV Show, Healthy Wealthy & Wise.

Social Media Marketing

We've been involved with social media since the start. As traditional media has stepped sideways, we've been there ushering in change to a new breed of consumers.

Broadcast Radio

Evolving Communications has been on the ABC Radio for the past 15 years educating listeners on all types of technology. More recently, online safety and social media.

Production Standards

We film, edit and publish everything we do in crisp Ultra High Definition, with lashings of old school attention to detail and care.

Website Development

Wordpress is the worlds most popular content management systems for modern websites, and we're pretty good at it now. From a single page to and advance online shopping store, we have the team to make it happen.

Branding and Strategies

A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.

Aerial Photography

With decades of film and television production under our belts, taking our cameras to the sky was evolutionary.

Food Photography

We’re passionate about food and nothing speaks more than a picture whether it’s for broadcast, online or offline.

Online Optimisation

When you do anything online, make sure it's found. Today your website, social media and referring sites all assist in how you're found. It's the next generation of Search Engine Optimisation.

We start by understanding your brand, then develop a tailored strategy, using Facebook and other social media platforms. We make high-quality and reusable content to populate those platforms and grow your community. Be a part of the journey as your community grows with real-time statistics. It’s quite the revelation.

With customer experience so vital to brand success, it is increasingly recognised that social marketers need to work together with people across their entire business, including marketing, sales, and customer service to deliver on their customer experience goals. From a media buying perspective, we put spend behind activity that works and social is an area of increasing spend because it does work.