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Evolving Communications director Andrew McColm is a regular tech presenter on Sonya Feldhoff's afternoon program since 2006. Questions? Ask here.
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ABC Radio

Since 2006, Evolving Communications company Director Andrew McColm has been chatting to Australians about technology on ABC Radio. The first chat was with Carole Whitelock on ABC Adelaide, and the topic was compact discs. 12 or 13 years later, to round out 2018, he’s talking to Sonya Feldhoff about what tech gadgets need to be in your bushfire emergency pack for the coming fire season.

Over the years, Andrew has also spoken to many other ABC Radio program presenters including Micky Murdoch, Lisa Pellegrino, Dave Bevan, Ali Clarke and Narelle Graham. The topics for discussion have been varied and diverse. From health and fitness using the latest tech gadgets and apps to home theatre technology. Then there’s that old chestnut that fills talkback airwaves, the National Broadband Network!

If you have a question about something you’ve heard on-air, then feel free to click the ’email us’ button in the footer below.

Sonya Feldhoff

Sonya Feldhoff

Sonya presents Afternoons on ABC Adelaide.