About Evolving Communications - Evolving Communications
Evolving Communications is a social media marketing and production agency specialising in video content creation and digital marketing.
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About Evolving Communications

Evolving Communications is an innovative production and digital marketing company, with a strong brand communications background. Our clients include the likes of Parmalat. Multix, Always Fresh, Safcol, Ritchies IGA, CSR Sugar and Vic Gov. We’ve been around since 1994.

Company director Andrew McColm is a regular presenter on ABC radio and has been for 15 years. He was also partly responsible for Australia’s first lifestyle TV show, Healthy Wealthy and Wise amongst others.

About Evolving Communications

Evolving Communications began way back in 1994 when television was a square fuzzy medium with just a few channels. The internet was in its infancy too. In fact, Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web founded the W3C in 1994, the organisation which oversees its continued development.

The first project we ever worked on was the iconic Healthy Wealthy and Wise providing editorial and post-production services. Production started on analogue Betacam and then in its final years, finished on DigiBeta.

Food television has been in the mix ever since. More recently, we post produced Huey’s Kitchen, a food TV show which aired on Channel 10 hosted by renowned chef, Iain “Huey” Hewitson.

About Andrew

Andrew McColm

I’m a television and radio tragic. Way back in the 80s I was lucky enough to land a job with Channel 7 making ‘Neighbours’, a soap which lasted just one year on the network before moving to Channel 10 where it’s still going today. A bit like me.

Since then, my television career has many chapters. I’ve worked for the Seven, Nine and Ten networks, on shows like Sunday, Burke’s Backyard, MTV, AFL, Huey’s Kitchen and I was the editor for Australia’s first lifestyle program ‘Healthy Wealthy and Wise’ with Ronnie Burns and Jackie McDonald.

I also spent some time at AAV in Melbourne working on long and short-form content from television commercials and music videos to television programs and documentaries.

The highlight of my chequered career was spending 6 weeks on location in Malta producing a TV series for SBS, which I also edited.

I’ve been a tech presenter on ABC Radio for about 15 years, as well as hosting a tech radio show for 8 years.

So that’s me. Today, I still love producing, editing and storytelling. The screens have changed and the tech has evolved like no-one could have imagined. We live in exciting times and the opportunity to learn and grow is still just as exciting. Travelling to NAB in Vegas and partnering with Adobe and Facebook is now the norm.

The internet of things has certainly changed the way we communicate. Everything is connected and that’s what we do – old school skills and attention to detail published on today’s many online platforms.

I share my passion and enthusiasm with ABC listeners around Australia, as well as our clients, so become a client, jump on board, strap in and be part of the ride!

Evolving Communications is based on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne’s holiday south!

In 2013 Evolving Communications partnered up with a few other companies. This JV was the start of a push into the online space as a direct result of the rapid change in the broadcasting and media landscape. During this time we honed our social media skills. As consumers moved on from the routine of the living room television to the gadgets in our pockets.


Evolving Communications brought content creation and marketing skills into the JV making high-quality content that was readily consumed by users of social media. Clients of the JV included several Australian food brands including Always Fresh, Chris’ Dips, Multix, and Safcol to name a few. We built a community of over 120,000 people for Ritchies IGA. The partnership devised, created and implemented marketing campaigns across new and old media. Evolving Communications Partners was a fun collaboration that finished in December 2018.

People and technology

We’ve always used the latest technology to make content. Today, Ultra High Definition is the norm for content creation. Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo all accept this resolution. This gives your content the longest possible shelf life. We use Avid Media Composer, the industry standard edit platform for television and feature film but most importantly, it’s the people and crew who operate this gear that makes the difference which is our point of difference. Editors and cameramen who have been telling stories for over 30 years. Experience is everything.


The content that we make is also suitable for websites. Our photography and video production always takes your website into consideration. We can even design, build or update your website.

We do what we do because we love it!

We’re a family business that has been around for over 25 years. Our clients become family because everything we do involves pride and passion.

Behind the scenes