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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a proven and growing platform for marketing goods and services to consumers. Globally, Facebook and Instagram are platforms where businesses like yours and supporting products and services need to be.

In Australia, Facebook has 15 million monthly active users and Instagram has 9 million according to Vivid Social. Advertising to users of these platforms has CPM rates not seen by any other media platform. As users of Facebook willingly give personal information to the social media juggernaut, it’s never been easier to use the company’s marking algorithms to target users in specific areas.

It’s not just Facebook alone though, each social media platform has its own specific benefits in marketing to different demographics, and we utilise all platforms, including, but not limited to Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Established in 1994, Evolving Communications has over 24 years of marketing experience.

Together, Andrew and Candice have built Facebook communities in the order of hundreds of thousands of consumers for some of Australia’s leading food brands.
In time, we can do that for your business too.

Evolving Communications offers social media marketing, implementation and reporting, asset production, brand advice and design. Like Facebook and all popular social media platforms, we’re continuously developing and updating our approach to maximise your success in the world’s largest marketplace, and we’re happy to share this with you. We’re passionate about social media. Everything we make is unique and engaging. We’ve seen the evolution of social media marketing and have embraced it as the future of business to consumer marketing. We create marketing strategies that inspire and engage consumers. We speak regularly with the Australia and New Zealand Facebook marketing team who keep us up to date with the latest directions from the social media giant.

Evolving Communications offers a transparent ROI with full monthly reporting that is results driven. Our consolidated approach offers our clients savings in both time and costs without compromising quality.

The Nobel Prize wasn’t isn’t won with a single flash of insight. Those who have achieved it had to experiment with new ideas over time. The same is true for content marketing. You can have a handful of really great ideas, but it takes experimentation to set you and your company over the top.

We’ll provide your business with a complete and ongoing media solution from branding, campaign development, and asset creation, to publishing and reporting while maintaining cohesive brand styling across all media assets. With an ongoing collaboration, we will make and publish content on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and all relevant online and offline platforms, targeting specific and predetermined audiences. All assets will be made with proven engagement techniques as key. Transparency and education will be the foundation of our relationship with your business.